Enjoy mobile application development with "Just Curl"; no need to learn Objective C, Java, HTML 5, etc!


Caede is an integrated development environment that converts Curl source code to mobile modules (HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript) using the provided Translator, Framework, Library and development tools.

    Caede is provided through three main parts:
  • ― Framework (mobile development framework)
  • ― Libraries (mobile development libraries)
  • ― Translator (HTML 5 conversion / build module)

Caede uses the Curl language as its development language.

Caede application can be run as mobile applications on systems without the Curl RTE installed.

Application Architecture

Caede allows the development of applications that can be run as native applications on smartphone or tablets. And just like Curl applications, it includes support for GUI layouts, screen transitions, business logic, web services, and more, with the addition of mobility features like local storage, cameras, and location services (e.g. GPS).

Development Flow
Required Tools for Development Eclipse Eclipse Curl CDE CDE caede Caede Android SDK or Xcode

Beta Edition and Preview Edition Android supported only.

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The following components are provided for Caede mobile application development.

  •   -Development Language: Curl language
  •   -Integrated Development Environment: CDE (Eclipse Plugin)
  •   -Mobile Framework / Libraries / Translator tool: Caede

Beside the above, the Android SDK, as well as other third-party or open source products, may be required.

the Curl language

the Curl language

A document formatting language, a layout markup language, a data-processing, expressive, procedural language, a highly-modular object-oriented language - Curl is all of these. While many other systems require deploying a combination of different languages, Curl allows the developer to do it all in just one complete, integrated language, leading to easier development, maintenance, and upgrading.

Curl CDE

Curl CDE

For Curl application development, the integrated development environment CDE is provided. The CDE supports the development of web applications written in Curl, as a plugin to the widely-used Eclipse environment, bundling together an editor, project browser, wizards, and debugging tools. With the CDE it's easy for Java or PHP developers, for example, to transition to Curl development. For existing users of the legacy Curl IDE, the CDE offers a new step up in productivity.

Caede Eclipse Plug-in


A development tool enabling simpler mobile application development using the Caede SDK in Eclipse.

  •   -Caede Project
  •   -Mobile Module Automated Translation
  •   -Caede for VLE
  •   -StyleDesigner
  •   - Screen Templates
  •   - Preview


The Curl language can be used as a mobile-oriented DSL, as part of an IDE for mobile application development.

    Caede is provided through three main parts:

  •   -Framework (mobile development framework)
  •   -Libraries (mobile development libraries)
  •   -Translator (HTML 5 conversion / build module)


Translator converts Curl code to Android or iOS, WebKit-based HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript code.



Framework allows separation of logic from layout, supporting efficient development.

Translator is based on this separation of logic and layout, allowing it to successfully convert applications by parts.

  •   ・Curl graphical hierarchy -> HTML and CSS (some JavaScript)
  •   ・Curl logic -> JavaScript


Libraries are Curl APIs specially for mobile development.

Libraries consist of Curl libraries for development and JavaScript libraries for runtime support. (For example, APIs for accelerometers and orientation sensors.)

Caede SDK
GUI Control
( ListView, Toast, NavigationBar... )
( Form, Box, Scroll Box, Dialog, Balloon... )
( Swipe, Tap Event, Drag & drop )
Elastic ( Automatic expansion and compression )
Caede Dynamic Layout System
( Feature of automatic layout ajustment )
Zoom in / Zoom out
Graphics / Rendering
( Shape )
Table / Grid
( Line charts, Area charts, Scatter charts, Bubble charts, Bar charts, Pie charts )
Orientation Change ( Expand, Contract )
Aspect conversion
Media ( Audio, Video )
iOS Support
Android Support
Windows RT Support
Local Storage
Acceleration Sensor
Java/Objective-C Interface
JavaScript Interface
File APIs
Framework Splash Screen
Screen Management
Screen Transition
Data Type Primitive
Record Data
Libraries HTTP
Mathematical Functions
Regular Expression
Console Output / Format / StackTrace
Installation of security certificate.
Localization and internationalization support
Translator Translation
Caede Development Tools
Development Tools Eclipse plugin
CaedeGUIs for VLE
Style Designer
Screen Template
( Emulators )
Plug-in Development
CDE Integration

A development tool enabling simpler mobile application development using the Caede SDK in Eclipse.

Can be downloaded in combination with the integrated development environment CDE.

For users wanting only to upgrade, please download from here.

Caede Caede SDK Download

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